Solarman: PhD thesis demo

This is an online demo of concepts discussed in my PhD thesis. It is a prototype Natural Language Query Interface to a Semantic Web triplestore that can answer facts about the Solar system. I’ve used variants of this at different conferences I’ve presented at. An in-browser WebAssembly demo of this demo is accessible at this page.

This page uses the server-hosted version accessible here.


The two versions are identical in functionality, except the server-hosted version receives and interprets your English query on our remote SpeechWeb server and the in-browser version runs our Haskell code directly in your web browser (powered by Asterius). In effect, the only queries in the in-browser version that go over the network are the SPARQL queries that are sent to the remote triplestore.

From what I can tell, the in-browser version is sufficiently fast now that we might just get rid of the server-hosted version altogether and do everything in the browser.

The in-browser version is especially cool because it essentially acts as a bridge from the World Wide Web to the Semantic Web. The approach could easily be extended to work with much larger triplestores as I describe in my dissertation.