Privacy Policy

This site uses Matomo for analytics. It uses image-based cookie-less tracking with a Javascript helper. The reason for this is to help me understand what content people are interested in and how to better structure the site. I’m not interested in any of your personal information, and all collected information is heavily anonymized. What I’m interested in is how long it takes pages to load, which pages are being visited and when, and which rough geographic region they’re being visited from.

I’ll never share this information with any other entity. The data is entirely under my exclusive control for the purposes outlined above. No other organizations or entities will ever receive this information. The information is not for sale, for rent, trade, etc.

This site respects the Do Not Track (DNT) setting in your browser. If you are using a form of adblock that also blocks analytics, e.g. UBlock Origin, you also won’t be tracked.

Collection of Information

The following information is collected when you visit:

There is no unique User ID assigned to you, implied or explicit.

If you want to disable all tracking, you can opt out below: