Shane Peelar

Computer Scientist (Ph.D.)
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Curriculum Vitae

PhD in Computer Science (defended December 2020, graduating June 2021). Interested in heterogeneous compute, virtual reality, compilers, reverse engineering, natural language semantics, and related topics. Very comfortable with low level programming, and experienced with SIMD/vectorization for optimization. Strong background in GPU compute using OpenCL and CUDA. Very comfortable with Linear Algebra and Computer Graphics. Extensive C++ knowledge and experience (C++98 through C++20). Familiar with development workflows on Windows and various Linux environments using Visual Studio, GCC and Clang compilers. Some experience with Software Reverse Engineering (using Ghidra and ollydbg), but very interested in learning more. Keen ability to maintain and accelerate critical legacy code that has little or no associated documentation. Maintainer of the GentooLTO project on GitHub.

I have also been a Khronos Group OpenCL contributor as part of being in the University of Windsor OpenCL Working Group. In particular, I am listed as a contributor on the OpenCL 2.2 specification.

Published Dissertation Link:
Doctoral Thesis Demonstration (WebAssembly):



CAMufacturing Solutions Inc. (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
Arada Systems (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


  1. Scalable, Efficient and Precise Natural Language Processing in the Semantic Web
    (Doctoral Thesis)

  2. Accommodating Negation in an Efficient Event-based Natural Language Query Interface to the Semantic Web (WEBIST 2020)

  3. A New Approach for Processing Natural-Language Queries to Semantic Web Triplestores
    (WEBIST 2020 Springer Book)

  4. A Compositional Semantics for a Wide-coverage Natural-Language Query Interface to a Semantic Web Triplestore (IEEE ICSC 2020)

  5. A New Data Structure for Processing Natural Language Database Queries
    (WEBIST 2019, nominated for Best Student Paper Award)

  6. An Extensible Natural-Language Query Interface to an Event-Based Semantic Web Triplestore (NLIWOD 2018)

  7. Real-Time Visualization of Bead Based Additive Manufacturing Toolpaths
    (CAD'18, full paper in CAD & Applications Journal)

  8. The Windsor Build and Testing Framework (IWOCL 2017)

  9. Accommodating prepositional phrases in a highly modular natural language query interface to semantic web triplestores using a novel event-based denotational semantics for English and a set of functional parser combinators (Master’s Thesis)

  10. A system for the automated author attribution of text and instant messages (ASONAM ‘13)



(September 2017 – Present)
A configuration for Gentoo Linux to enable full aggressive optimizations for source code across the whole distribution, including experimental ones such as Graphite. Also functions as a great way to find bugs in open source code :)

An intelligent system for Additive Manufacturing

(November 2017 – May 2019)
Builds upon the STLGen work completed previously to enable rapid previewing and hybrid machining operations on CAD models for Additively Manufactured components. This project was partly funded by an OCE Academic TalentEdge Internship.


(July 2016 – March 2017)
A tool to efficiently produce 3D models for 3D printed components via simulation, including producing an optionally watertight model for further postprocessing applications. Funded by an NSERC Engage grant.


(Apr 2016 – Aug 2016)
A social network for innovators in the health sector


(Sep 2014 – Jan 2015)
This project is in part funded by an OCE Academic TalentEdge Internship.

Honours & Awards:

OCE TalentEdge Academic Internship

December 2017, University of Windsor
Awarded an OCE TalentEdge Academic Internship grant for work with Additive Manufacturing Simulation and modelling projects at CAMufacturing Solutions Inc.

Entrance Scholarship

Jan 2017, University of Windsor
Awarded Entrance Scholarship for high GPA during my Masters degree for my PhD studies

NSERC Engage

Jun 2016, University of Windsor
I was awarded the NSERC Engage scholarship to work on the VoxelSim project as part of an additive manufacturing research effort.

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

April 2015, University of Windsor
A high-value competitive province-wide scholarship in Ontario, Canada, held for three terms.

Entrance Scholarship

Sep 2014, University of Windsor
Entrance Scholarship awarded for high GPA in my Undergraduate degree for my Masters degree

Director’s Honour Roll

Apr 2014, University of Windsor
Awarded Director’s Honour Roll for Outstanding Academic Excellence

Outstanding Scholars Award

Sep 2009 - Apr 2014, University of Windsor
Awarded Outstanding Scholar Award for maintaining a GPA above 83.0 (or 11.0 in the original GPA system). Honour Roll on Dean’s List. Maintained until graduation.

Entrance Scholarship

Sep 2009, University of Windsor
Awarded Entrance Scholarship for entering with an A- average from high school. This scholarship was maintained until it expired.