Life Update and Workshop

Wow, quite a few things happened since my last update here! I meant to post a lot more often but things got busy real fast. I got married (woohoo!) and published a paper at WEBIST 2019 which I’m very excited about. I also got accepted as a sessional instructor for Fall 2019 teaching Agile Software Development at the University of Windsor! Very cool indeed.

Last week, I ran a set of workshops at the University of Windsor geared towards the Masters of Applied Computing students. I used Paul Preney’s beautiful Beamer template for LaTeX to design a 3-day workshop that covers the basics of Open Source development and how to get started with it. I’ve decided to host the PDF here, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to take a look.

Oh, I also got my Haskell thesis code running on the very router that is serving these web pages to you right now. Hopefully I could start actually hosting it from here in the future as a cool proof of concept.

Currently I’m working on getting chained superlatives working in my thesis. It’s proven to be a tough problem – but not an insurmountable one. I believe by pushing the processing into the transitive verbs it should be possible to do.

Anyway, hopefully the next update won’t take nearly as long as this one! See you next time.