About Me

Hi there! I’m Shane. I just recently completed my PhD in Computer science from the University of Windsor! I like to write here about the various projects I’m working on, hobby or otherwise. Or, rather, I like the idea of doing that – although I am especially trying as of late to write more.

Academically, my primary research interest has been in Natural Language Semantics. Specifically compositional (sometimes called Montagovian) semantics. You can check out a live demo of my work here! If you want to know more, my dissertation might be worth a read.

I’ve never felt right without having some personal project on the go. In my free time, I like to study older videogames. Specifically, I like taking them apart and fixing bugs in them! I plan to do a lot of writing about that here over the next little while. My most noteworthy work in that area has been getting online play working again in the game Interstate ‘76 (and its Nitro Pack expansion), a project I find myself coming back to frequently over the years. When I’m not working on personal projects, I really enjoy playing music.

In industry, I’ve spent a lot of time writing highly performant C++ with a bit of heterogeneous programming thrown into the mix, mostly for simulation or graphical related work. I’ve spent some time on the Khronos Group OpenCL Working Group as well through the University of Windsor. I encourage you to check out my publication record if you want to know more!